What We Do

What’s your dream?

PMI recognizes that the pursuit of happiness varies for each of our students. We believe that by educating others, we empower them to select their own destiny. A little knowledge can go a long way to helping people achieve their dreams. That’s why – above all else – PMI is an education-centered company.

Of course, we recognize that each route is as unique as the student behind it. That’s why we specialize in a variety of proven paths to success:

Real Estate
Real estate investing is one of the most time-tested methods used by individuals to direct their own lives. More millionaires have been created through real estate investment than in any other way. Our real estate consultants are all successful real estate investors themselves. They are well versed in all major facets of real estate – and in each of the valuable but lesser-known strategies as well!

Internet Marketing
The advent of the internet changed our everyday lives. This fundamental shift in the way we interact with the world has also opened up an immense world of opportunity to start online businesses. From information products to e-commerce to affiliate marketing, our internet consultants know the ins and outs of unlocking success on the web.

Financial Services
The stock market has always been a vehicle for managing assets, but only in recent years has technology provided a gateway for everyone to get involved at low costs. Of course, the stock market has also always been a vehicle for sudden change, so the right approach and strategy can make a huge difference. Our investing consultants understand what it takes to profit in the markets, regardless of whether they are going up or down. Our team is eager to assist you in understanding and capitalizing on this fascinating arena.

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