Quality of Coaches

At PMI, we are privileged to have an amazing coaching staff ready to help you as you set goals and establish your business.

Our coaches complete an extensive training course when they are first hired. This is followed by a training process that includes multiple sessions each week. Every three months, they are required to pass our internal certification tests. All of this is designed to keep our coaching staff up-to-date on the newest, most important, most effective information available.

However, even beyond the rigorous training, what sets us apart as the premier educational organization in our space is that all of our coaches are required to run their own businesses. They know the pitfalls, they recognize the opportunities, they can tell you which strategies have worked for them and advise you which ones to avoid.

According to the many testimonials we receive daily, here is a sampling of the reasons PMI coaches are so valued:

  • Clients can feel comfortable asking any question. They never feel their issues are silly or insignificant.
  • The coaches are patient, insightful, inspiring, and friendly.
  • Our coaches know how to make confusing and complex concepts understandable.
  • PMI coaches are always ready to give one-on-one assistance.
  • Students feel prepared and ready to go to work. They are confident in their own ability and in the support available to them through PMI.
  • The coaching staff provides structure in an easy, kind, productive environment.

We are certain you will find what you’re looking for as you pursue your objectives. Don’t hesitate to contact our coaches so that they can give you the information you need to succeed.

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