PMIEducation Client BannerAbout PMI

Professional Marketing International (PMI) was founded in 1996. From the beginning our mission has been to help individuals build successful businesses. We want our clients to be equipped with the tools and knowledge they need to attain financial security and take control of their lives.   

Founded in Utah, PMI has grown to encompass offices throughout the US. Although we have been steadily growing, our headquarters has remained in Utah in a stunning custom built facility we had constructed in 2008.

In order to fulfill our mission to help individuals start-up and run their own successful businesses we:

  • Employ the top talent available in the industry,
  • Stay up-to-date on trends, news, strategies and tools,
  • Provide over-the-phone training and customer service,
  • Meet regularly with our trainers to ensure they are equipped to provide you with the best education possible,
  • Update and maintain our online curriculum and
  • Provide opportunities for learning through our conferences and other resources.

What We Do

We understand that there are several paths you from which you can choose to reach success in your life. We believe that by educating others we empower them to select their own destiny. A little knowledge can go a long way to helping people achieve their dreams. That’s why – above all else – PMI is an education-centered company.

This is why we provide an education in several different areas of interest.  These industries are unique in their own possibilities and strategies but we provide top of the line training in each field.

Real Estate:

Real estate has become one of the most popular and time-tested methods of investment. Our real estate consultants are all successful real estate investors themselves. They are well versed in all major and minor facets of real estate.

Investor Education:

Technology has provided a gateway for everyone to get involved in the stock market at low costs. This has brought about many opportunities for people that otherwise they would not have had. Our investing trainers are there to educate you and help you understand the ups and downs of the stock market.

Internet Marketing:

The advent of the internet changed our everyday lives. This fundamental shift in the way we interact with the world has also opened up an immense world of opportunity to start online businesses. From information products to e-commerce to affiliate marketing, our internet consultants know the ins and outs of unlocking success on the web.